lead free solder

ROHS environmental standard lead-free solder detected by SGS.

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BLead-freesolder wire

lead free solder wire

There are 11 varieties of lead-free solder wire for selection.

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CLead-freesolder bar

lead free solder bar

Suitable for wave soldering tin stove or a small dip tin soldering.

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DLead-freesolder paste

lead free solder paste

Custom varieties of lead-free solder paste for different purposes.

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ELead solderproducts

lead solder

Leaded solder good overall performance, stable quality, variety, foot tin content.

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FLead solderwire

lead solder wire

Assembly of electronic equipment, communication equipment and wire splicing.

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GLead solderbar

lead solder bar

Welding firm, bright, full, little tin dross. recommended: Sn63Pb37

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HLead solderpaste

lead solder paste

Solder paste for reflow soldering of printed circuit board, screen printing use.

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Huachuang company

SHENZHEN HUACHUANG HIGH-TECH CO.,LTD. has advanced production lines and detection equipment (imported from Germany direct reading spectrometer), exquisite manufacturing technology, strict implementation of ISO9001 quality management system. Professional production: Lead-free solder paste, lead-free solder wire, lead-free solder bar, 63/37 lead solder paste, lead solder wire, lead solder bar. Lead-free solder testing by SGS! Compliance with EU RoHS standards!